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Author: LukᚠHlousek
Program: Pokladna.pas
File exe: Pokladna.exe
need: Hlousek.pas

Program simulate cash registers. Compute VAT and price.

Author: itmfaraji
Program: Snake.pas
File exe: Snake.exe

Game snake. You would pick up numbers on place. Every eat lengthen snake. Attention, don't seize with teeth to your own tail.

Author: Ivan Dimov
Program: Fifa98b.pas
File exe: Fifa98b.exe
need: Egavga.bgi

The graphic version of the FIFA98 game.

Author: Ivan Dimov
Program: Star.pas
File exe: Star.exe

The Star Trek game and its version in the text mode.

Author: Ivan Dimov
Program: T-stynet.pas
File exe: T-stynet.exe
need: Egavga.bgi

A graphic shooting game.

Author: Ivan Dimov
Program: Win.pas
File exe: Win.exe

How the Window 97 should look like. Don't you think it really looks like that?

Author: Jardo
Program: Radian.pas
File exe: Radian.exe

Program na prevod uhlov zo stupňov na radiány a naopak. Zaujímavé je grafické spracovanie pomocou systémovej jednotky crt.

Program: Lzh.pas
File exe: Lzh.exe

Huffman Compression Engine
LHA/LZH is a freeware compression utility and associated file format. It was created in 1988 by Haruyasu Yoshizaki (Yoshizaki Haruyasu?), and originally named LHarc. A complete rewrite of LHarc, tentatively named LHx, was eventually released as LH. It was then renamed to LHA to avoid conflicting with the then-new MS-DOS 5.0 LH ("load high") command. According to early documentation, LHA is pronounced like La.
LHA/LZH on wikipedia

Author: Jojko
Program: Cmos.pas
File exe: Cmos.exe

Program know read/write CMOS memory. After run this program read all CMOS and write to file CMOS.dat.

Author: Jojko
Program: Infodos.pas
File exe: Infodos.exe

Write basic info about DOS. Free bytes on disk C. Used bytes on disk C . Version of DOSu, aktual date and time.

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