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Delphi & Pascal (česká wiki)
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kostky.pngAuthor: Masopust (Empty Head)
Program: Kostky.pas
File exe: Kostky.exe
need: Kostky.datEgavga.objTrip.obj

Testing the probability and speed of cube game.
-n - new game
-d - define of game
-u - unlimited version

ponorka.pngAuthor: Masopust (Empty Head)
Program: Ponorka.pas
File exe: Ponorka.exe
need: Ponorka.scoEgavga.objTrip.obj

Game submarine. Attention on mines and mineship.

pyramidam.pngAuthor: Masopust (Empty Head)
Program: Pyramida.pasEndturnu.pasOknaunit.pasShow_pcx.pasSoftware.pasUnivgraf.pas
File exe: Pyramida.exe
need: Pyramida.pcxEndturnu.tpuOknaunit.tpuSoftware.tpuShow_pcx.tpuUnivgraf.tpu

You are the supreme counselor of the ruler of ancient Egypt Ramesse II. The ruler gave you the construction of his pyramid. You can choose one of the 8 provinces you will rule. You have 20 years to build the pyramid.

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