Delphi & Pascal (česká wiki)
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Advice is given free of charge, you can ask on e-mail. However, as far as programming, a check-up of the PC, installation or teaching goes, you must pay. I know it is expensive. "Bart trade" is also possible. Contact me. If program are easy try generator of homework.

Activity Price with VAT Price at quick delivery
Homework from Pascal - simple $3.30 $6.60
Homework from C - simple $3.30 $6.60
Homework from Pascal - hard $6.60 $13.30
Homework from C, C++ $6.60 $13.30
Help with term university project Pascal, C $30.00 $60.00
Help with diploma work Pascal, C, C++ $166.00 Not possible to be done so
Program in VC++ $60.00 $100.00
Counselling 5$/hour