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Program: Comp.pas
File exe: Comp.exe

This program view differences between two files. Names of the files are the parameters of program.

dascii.pngProgram: Dascii.pas
File exe: Dascii.exe
need: Dascii.dat

An excellent program which enables you to design completely newcharacters in ASCII set. Your work results can be stored in Dascii.dat file and returned to whenever you need. One of its most interesting functions is that which can read the character from RAM memory (give it a look, some stuff from the source code can be found useful even today).

Program: Datanka.pas
File exe: Datanka.exe
File ubuntu: Datanka
need: Obyvatel.dat

The programme works with a data file of the type file of obyvatel. It serves as a example on which it can be easily presented how to make entries in to the files, but predominently how to read and search them.

Program: Diskinfo.pas
File exe: Diskinfo.exe
File ubuntu: Diskinfo

This program detect the extent and the capacity availablein the accessible discs. The result of the search is displayed, or stored in the file. Look at the ways it finds out whether the disc is hard or the network one, because this trick works even today. As far as the investigation about the capacity of disks is concerned, I must admit it needed more thorough elaboration.

Program: Diskread.pas
File exe: Diskread.exe

Don't be frightened when the red control of the disk mechanism lightsup immediately after the program is running. This only means that the program reads the disk physically. What is the use of it? Since DOS 3.0, each disk includes a sector which the system does not use in order to maintain the compatibility. You must understand that the majority of the installation programs record the information to this sector, thus producing the floppy disk which can't be copied. You may use it either as a hacker program or as a part of your own installation disks.

Program: Farbydos.pas
File exe: Farbydos.exe

It changes the colour palette directly in the text mode of DOS withoutswitching to the graphics. The text is first demonstrated in black and then displayed. Really clever, e.g. if you don't want a user to see all the commands which your program gives and of which the display can't be prevented. For example, if you send a command to DOS which can display the well-known "Bad command or file name".

Program: Ff.pas
File exe: Ff.exe

The program locates the file in system variable PATH. The file is entered as a parameter of the program. It saves the result in the ff.dat file.

Author: Miroslav Černý
Program: Geo5.pas
File exe: Geo5.exe
File ubuntu: Geo5
need: Vypocet.txt

Program for compute bearing capacity of "base" ground according to STN 731001 a ENV 1997-1. Only for user who know the inputs parameters.

Program: Getfree.pas
File exe: Getfree.exe

This program enables you to know the size of all the programs in ZIP archive.

Program: Graf.pas
File exe: Graf.exe

View 2D graph of function entered from keyboard. Analyze mathematical expression and calculated value for axes y. View up to 4 graph's at time.

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