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Program: Label.pas
File exe: Label.exe
File ubuntu: Label

The program reads the floppy disk's boot sector and finds out the so-called "label" of the disk.

loyd15.pngAuthor: Marián Vook
Program: Loyd15.pas
File exe: Loyd15.exe
need: Egavga.bgiTrip.chr

It is a graphic arrangement of Loyd15 game. Your assignment arange numbers. You move number only to free box.

milion.pngProgram: Milion.pas
File exe: Milion.exe
need: Egavga.bgiLevel.1Level.2Level.3Level.4Level.5Level.6Level.7Level.8Level.9Level.10

Program like popular game milionare. All question are defined in txt file Level.1 to Level.10. Level 1 is easy, 10 is hard. Examples are defined question about programming in slovak language.

miny.pngProgram: Miny.pas
File exe: Miny.exe
File ubuntu: Miny

Exactly the same mines you know from OS Windows. Controlled by a mouse in a text mode this game equelly abbe to inspire playfullness.

Program: Mys.pas
File exe: Mys.exe

It displays the co-ordinates of the mouse and indicates whether or not a mouse button is pressed. It helps to understand how to operate the mouse. At the end, there is a description of all standard functions of the mouse, e.g.

Program: Pcx.pas
File exe: Pcx.exe
Example: Presov.pcx

It displays PCX file of 16 colours. In spite of my attempt to make it as simple as possible and to give it a proper detailed description, I must admit it looks awful. However, you can make use of some required routines.

Program: Pexeso.pas
File exe: Pexeso.exe
need: Menu.mnuMenu.tpuMys2.pasEgavga.bgi

An excellent program which enables to play the game similar to Pexeso (internationally known game as "Memory"), a card game where you have to find two coresponding cards usually of the same picture, in its graphic version. It contains the routines for operating the mouse, selecting from the menu, shuffling of the cards, checking the accuracy and other operations neccessary for the undisturbed running of the game. I'm not the author of it but some changes were done by me.

pi_lite.jpgAuthor: Dalibor Martišek
Program: Pi_jednoduse_unit.pasPi.pas
File exe: Pi_jednoduse_pro.exe

Program in Delphi for compute Pi. Algorithm are use simple convergence line. For old Pascal is a program Pi.pas.

Program: Pingpong.pas
File exe: Pingpong.exe
File ubuntu: Pingpong

Program emuluje hru ping pong.

Author: PCRevue 4/96
Program: Readinp.pas
File exe: Readinp.exe

A good example how the manage the discrepancies in the Read() function in pascal. The program allowes to write the text up to 10 chars but not to continue on the next line.

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