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You find some needs, send me homework during mail. If it's easy try generator of homework.

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Author: Michal6
Program: Ascii_tabulka.pas
File exe: Ascii_tabulka.exe
File ubuntu: Asciilfabulka
need: Subor.txt

Zobrazi ASCII tabulku zo suboru subor.txt. Nasledne vypise v ASCII tvare.

Author: Pheo
web: pascalsource.ic.cz

Program: Auticko2.pas
File exe: Auticko2.exe
need: Egavga.bgi

Animujte na obrazovke pohyb autíčka po vodorovnej ceste. Autíčko nech putuje dokola obrazovky

Author: Juraj Pupák
Program: Average.pas
File exe: Average.exe
File ubuntu: Average

Determine average of school numbers. Input finished when you put zero.

Program: Bez1znak.pas
File exe: Bez1znak.exe
File ubuntu: Bez1znak
need: Jedno.txt

From file reads all word without 1char. Result writes to file.

Program: Bezci1.pas
File exe: Bezci1.exe

Program umožňuje zadávať časy jednotlivým bežcom.

Author: Pavel Paták
web: www.webpark.cz/programar

Program: Bmi.pas
File exe: Bmi.exe

Po zadaní výšky v cm a váhy v kg vypočte BMI index

Program: Bod_pria.pas
File exe: Bod_pria.exe
File ubuntu: Bod_pria

Finds out whether a point lies on a bisector.

Program: Bodtroj.pas
File exe: Bodtroj.exe
File ubuntu: Bodtroj

The program can choose 3 points from among all the present ones to create a triangle in plane with the largest area.

Author: Pheo
web: pascalsource.ic.cz

Program: Bublinkove_triedenie.pas
File exe: Bublinkove_triedenie.exe
File ubuntu: Bublinkove_triedenie

Program na zostupné usporiadanie číselného poľa bublinovým triedením.

Program: Burka.pas
File exe: Burka.exe
File ubuntu: Burka
flow: Burka.gif

Calculates the program for determining the distance of a storm, if time between a thunder and a lighting is preset. Mathematical reasoning can be found at the beginning of the program.

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