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1inca.pngProgram: 1inca.pasBignum.pasMath.pasUse_bn.pas
File exe: 1inca.exe

Program compute basic mathematics operation for infinity decimal places. Other mathematical operation (sin, cos, ..) make with Taylor series.
  • For easy use look for use_bn.pas
  • Program has maximal 250 decimal places. More decimal you set before compilation program
  • Long time computing seeing convergetion of Taylor series

8smer.pngProgram: 8smer.pas
File exe: 8smer.exe
need: Rutiny.pasTrsek.pasTajnicka.dat

The program fills out grid of a crossword. The file tajnicka.dat works as an entry. It gives the description of the crossword's format, the number of letters for its successful ability to solve and, of course, the words which are supposed to be found. The editor of the crossword is not included.

Program: Aritmet.pas
File exe: Aritmet.tpu

Unit for calculate some arithmetic expression with recursion expression. Beyond arithmetic expressions know sin(), cos(), int(), abs() and sqrt().

Program: Aritmeticky_vyraz.pas
File exe: Aritmeticky_vyraz.exe

Vyhodnocení aritmetického výrazu soustavou procedur ve vztahu nepřímé rekurze podle formální gramatiky stavby výrazu.

ascii.pngProgram: Ascii.pas
File exe: Ascii.exe
File ubuntu: Ascii

It displays 0-255 ASCII table. In the times of DOS programming it was unquestionably a very much used program.
Program store text background and after close program, restore it.

auto.pngProgram: Auto.pas
File exe: Auto.exe
need: Cisel.pasAuta.datSpz.cis

It is one of the assignments I made for my friend, but because it is so complicated I resolved to include it in here. By the way, assignments are to be found here.

Program: Bar_graph.pas
File exe: Bar_graph.exe

Randomize generated bargraf for pascal use. In variable count is count and in array value are bar graph values.

Program: Cedecko.pas
File exe: Cedecko.exe

Program for manipulate with CD-ROM. Get how much CD-ROM you have, letter of CD-ROM, run/stop audio playing.

Program: Chess_queen.pas
File exe: Chess_queen.exe

Program rieši problém umiestnenia 8 dám na šachovnicu tak, aby sa vzájomne neohrozovali.

Program: Comp.pas
File exe: Comp.exe

This program view differences between two files. Names of the files are the parameters of program.

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